Sunday, February 26, 2006


I'm always frustrated by not being able to get great photos of my boys at their orchestra concerts. (Black curtains, black pants, dark brown instruments and dark auditorium does not make for a great shot with my camera!) So I had them bring the beasts home from school this weekend and took some portrait-type shots. I love how they turned out!

This is almost 14 year-old Lane. In addition to playing upright bass, he recently started playing the electric bass guitar in jazz band. (Guess I need to get some photos of that, too!)

And here is 12 year-old Levi. He is currently playing the cello but is going to take violin lessons in the summer. He's starting to talk about a career in music! How cool would that be?

*sniff, sniff* My babies are sure growing up.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is there anything better, really, than a nap?

Personally, I’m not sure there is. They’re relaxing. They’re self-indulgent. They’re the perfect little break in a long, busy day. Orgasms are pretty darned great, but I’m not sure they’re better than a nap. For one thing, DH and I are no longer spring chickens. The odds on any given day of having a nap is much better than of having an orgasm. Plus, unless you’re a 16 year-old boy, orgasms take work. For a nap, all you gotta do is lay down. Nope, I think I’ll have to stick with my naps are the greatest theory. (Although orgasms probably come in second!)

My long history of naps began when I had a baby nearly 14 years ago. They were necessary then. For anyone who is up every couple of hours all night, a nap is required during the day. Then, some health issues left me with periodic fatigue. Naps, at those times, again became crucial to my mental and physical well-being.

Now, after all of this napping, it became a habit. (Don’t they say that if you do something for 14 days in a row it becomes a habit?) So, now I nap daily even when I’m not feeling fatigued. I’ll even schedule appointments around my nap if possible….

Doctor’s Office: What time of day is best for you?
Me: Mornings, please!

Hey, they asked! I don’t have to tell them that I want morning so I can be home in time for my nap! Also, I should state that I’m not one of those light-weight nappers. You know the ones ….

The Power Nappers. Sorry, 15 minutes does not a nap make. That’s resting. It doesn’t count.

The Recliner Relaxers. Sitting in the recliner after work to read the paper and falling asleep doesn’t count. That was an accident.

The Couch Crashers. Same reason as the Recliner Relaxers. Accidental doesn’t count.

The Desk Dreamers. Falling asleep at work or school NEVER counts!

I’m a serious napper. You’d think I was going to bed for the night. I close the heavy drapes so that it’s dark in the room. I get undressed. I get into the bed (on top of the covers doesn’t count either!) I sleep a good 1.5-2 hours. I set an alarm for 15 minutes before the time I need to leave to pick up the kids from school just in case. Now THAT’S a nap.

If you can’t run with the big nappers … stay up.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Well, that was a fun little break in an otherwise dull day!

I was just e-mailing with my sister, Debbie, about our get-together this weekend. All three of us sisters are going to have a night on our own. We'll be getting together at her house to talk, drink, hot tub, whatever. She asked if she needed to kick her hubby out but Dotti and I assured her she didn't need to. Besides, as Dotti said, we might need someone to bring us towels or drinks while we're in the hot tub. Debbie's hubby thought it was funny that he would be our "pool boy". I told her I have had a few fantasies about the cabana boy but, somehow, her hubby wasn't who I was picturing. So, to illustrate the point I was searching the internet for a photo of someone who I *would* be dreaming of. Gosh. Do you have any idea how many photos of amazingly handsome men there are out there? I'll admit, I probably kept looking for just a wee bit longer than necessary.

What a nice, little break to my morning. I'm refreshed! I'm renewed! I'm also slightly aroused.

Oh, and just a note for future reference ... better wording when doing such a search is "male models" and worse is "handsome Latin men". (Hey, I like dark hair and dark eyes!) The former yielded what I intended. The latter yielded lots of gay porn! How does "handsome" translate into "gay" in Google-speak??