Thursday, March 08, 2007

Freaky Fifteen

Today is Lane's birthday. He's not quite Sweet Sixteen yet. I decided he's Freaky Fifteen. As in ... fifteen-freaking-years-old. As in ... Freakazoid which is what I sometimes (fondly) call him. As in ... Mom's freaking out a bit as he'll be getting his restricted driver's license today. As in ... he's an electronics freak. As in ... you can still freak him out by mentioning, especially right before he goes to bed, a particular scary book he read when he was in 3rd grade. All in all, he's a pretty freaky kid. But he's my freaky kid. And I guess I'll be keeping him. After all, one of his life's goals is to become a billionaire. Wouldn't want to give up on him before that happens!


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