Friday, February 09, 2007

[Brought to you by the weekly SS blog challenge.]


When is the first time you ...

...fell in love?
When I was 19, with my first husband.

... lost someone close to you?
My Grandma, when I was 28.

... drank alcohol?
In high school. My older brother used to have a lot of parties.

... got kissed?
When I was 15 on my first date (football game and pizza afterwards). It was nasty. He had some serious pizza breath. It was a while before I tried it again. ;-)

... went to the hospital?
When I was in 5th grade and my spleen ruptured due to a fall from a horse.

... got your heart broken?
When I was 23, when my first husband and I divorced.

... lost a pet?
When I was a senior in high school. Gordo was a peekapoo we'd had since I was three. I couldn't remember ever not having him.

... smoked a cigarette?
When I was twenty.

... broke a bone?
Never have broken one.

... got a job?
In early high school, working at a soda fountain.

... got cheated on?
About two months into my first marriage. (Explain the divorce?)

... rode the city bus?
In my twenties in Las Vegas. My small town has no public transport.

... went to a concert?
In grade school when Donna Fargo performed at a big city picnic.

... met someone famous?
Never actually met anyone very famous. Have had a few sightings.

... dyed your hair?
Never have.

... got your own cell phone?
When I was around 30 when I started having to travel for work.

... snuck out the house?
Never did. (Man, how boring am I??)

... drove a car?
Driver's ed in high school.

... got your own digital camera?
About three years ago.


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