Friday, March 16, 2007

Had two proud mommy moments this week…

1) The boys had an orchestra concert Tuesday night. I know it’s not their first, but I just enjoy seeing them play more and more all the time. It’s amazing how far they’ve come. Especially Levi who’s only been playing for a year and a half. Lane also had a solo! For someone who can only play the radio, it's just amazing to me to sit and watch them creating this beautiful music.

2) Lane has been working for a vet since last summer. He does the kennel job ... cleaning kennels, feeding animals, giving meds, cleaning up the clinic, etc. He's not too crazy about it, but he wanted an income and this was one of the very few places that hire kids at 14. They recently asked him to also help out the desk clerk temporarily. He likes this MUCH better! After about a week of this, they called and wanted him to start working up front all the time! He’s really excited because he likes that job SO much more than the kennel. I talked to the boss a couple of nights ago and she was so complimentary about Lane. I know she offered him this job because he’s done such a good job so far. Makes a mommy proud.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Martha said...

Congratulations to Lane AND to you and your hubby. He's responsible, hard working, dependable because you all have taught him that these are important and worthy qualities. You too deserve a pat on the back!


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