Monday, February 26, 2007

Atta boy!

Levi had symphony rehearsals on Saturday afternoon. I took a book and went to the park to read while waiting for him. This park has a creek all around it and it's filled with ducks and geese. A bit of fluttering and squawking caught my attention and I noticed the following ...

A single goose came out of the creek, followed closely by two others then, a bit further behind, a single one. The first turned out to be a female, apparently in the "mood". The two right on her heels (if, that is, flippers have heels) were obviously, judging by their behavior, males. One of these caught her up and and hopped on, attempting to breed her. His efforts were forestalled by the second male who began biting at him and flapping his wings. First Male hopped off to fight off Second Male, who immediately hopped on the not-all-that-interested female. This went round and round for a few minutes. One hopping on only to be attacked by the second. All this time, the goose who had followed a way behind, sat and watched. Finally, First and Second Males appeared to forget all about the Female and concentrated on fighting each other. At this point, Third Male calmly walked around their battle ground, straight up to Female who has wandered off a bit, mounted her and bred her.

Kind of reminded me of the old story about the old bull and the young bull.

Patience is, indeed, a virtue.


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